Cultivating the best Pineapples in the World

Africa is one of the few places on earth where the land is still fresh with minerals and able to produce the worlds' most vitamin rich fruits and vegetables.


Here is where we grow Ghana Pineapples; from the beautiful country of Ghana in West Africa. Here in Ghana we grow our pineapples the way we have for over a 1000 years with our HANDS and our HEART. We have BIG, Sweet, and Juicy PINEAPPLES. We invite you to TASTE THE DIFFERENCE!!! 


Fresh Produce 

 From Our Farm to Your Doorstep 


Ghana, West Africa

United States


P.O. Box NT 97

New Town Accra

Ghana, West Africa 

P.O. Box 310456

Tampa, FL 33610

(813) 900-6370

(803) 518-0058

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