Ghana has the perfect environment to produce the Sweetest, Juiciest, and Big  Pineapples!!! Ghana Pineapple matures in mineral rich soil under the continuous flow of Africa's SUNLIGHT. Ghana Pineapples are grown and cultivated in the Mountainous region where the Air is Clean and the Temperature is RIGHT. There's a constant Mist falling off the side of Mountain and Natural flow of Rainfall suitable Watering. Ghana Pineapples is growing just a few degrees from the Equator. This is the Difference you Taste when you bite the Sweetest, Juiciest, BIG GHANA PINEAPPLE!!!


Global Business Integration is a Global company that is registered in several countries around the World. GBI is the Global Distributor and Importer of Ghana Pineapples. Our top priority is to ensure that all of our customers receive the highest quality pineapple delivered with exquisite service. We invite you to Taste The Difference and you would not want any other pineapple but Ghana Pineapple!!!